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Plating Accessories

Grow Meta Chem is working in manufacturing sector as a leading service provider and manufacturer for years. we offer exclusive range of excellent products that are high in quality and best in performance. Our Plating Accessories are praised by buyers across the world because of their excellent performance. These Plating Accessories are manufactured using best quality of raw material. They can be used for longer life in adverse working conditions. Our also offer tremendous services with these Accessories that has made us one of the most trusted Plating Accessories supplier and manufacturer. Various types of Plating Accessories that we offer:

Electrical Conductors and Connections made of Aluminium and Copper in the form of strips/flats having defined current carrying capacity are available at reasonable cost. Similarly, Copper and Brass rods, pipes, bars, flats etc. with suitable current rating are also available.

Brass Rod Connectors are manufactured and offered in single and double ways. They are available in different sizes such as ½’’, ¾’’ and 1’’along with higher sizes.

These rods are used to give perfect insulation between bar and tank. Vat Rod Insulators are made in different sizes as Brass Rod Connectors as per client’s demand using chemically inert material.

For dipping and rinsing operations heavy duty Moulded Buckets / Fabricated baskets in varying capacity are available. We sell them with or without perforation. We also offer tailor-made PP/PVC baskets in different sizes with or without perforation.

Vat Magnets are used to remove the ferrous particles lying at the bottom of the tank. We manufacture them in U, round and horse shoe shape. They can remove at least 3-10kg of particle from the tank.

Dipping Baskets and Trays can be used for alkaline cleaning and acid dips. These are made using Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, or Titanium perforated sheets and wire mesh in many sizes. They also have fixed or collapsible handle.

We offer Ammeter and Voltmeter in analogue and digital types in various sizes. Out of which some examples of Analogue Ammeter and voltmeter are

  • Rectangular with round body.
  • Project type round body.
  • Flush type square body.
  • Flush type round body.

External Shunts are used with ammeters above 20 Amperes. We make them available in any amperage as per requirement of clients.

Grow Meta Chem offers several types of polishing media that are used for deburring and finishing. They also work as a corrosion preventive coating over treated surface. We make them in different sizes in the form of abrasive chips using material like Ceramic, plastic in most of the geometrical shapes.

We provide Pall Rings, Intallox Saddles, Tellrates, etc. in different sizes over wide range.

Grow Meta Chem also manufacture Self priming Drum Pump for chemical transfer motorised in SS 316 or PP and PVDF tubes. They are made hand operated in PP body.

We produce Digitally controlled temperature and other parameters indicators like thermometer, thermocouples, thermowells, compensating cables, etc.

Chroffles or Float balls are used to save heat loss as they act as an insulating layer when cover the solution in tank. They also reduce the mist from the surface. They are made in different shapes like solid round, pillow, small capsules, etc. in varying sizes.\

Pressure Gauges from Grow Meta Chem are available in sizes from 1’’ to 12’’ diameter at required pressure ranges. We manufacture the using Mild Steel, Brass, and Stainless Steel.

Grow Meta Chem offer digital as well as analogue thermometer and hydrometer for measuring temperature and determining the strength of electrolyte respectively.
  • We offer excellent services and our Plating Accessories are known for precise working.
  • The products are easily accessible and are available at reasonable prices.
  • They are provided with flawless finishing, robust construction and attractive looks.
  • Buyers can get exact products as per their requirements.